Stop lights are for kissing

Paul Byerly

When you stop at a light with your bride in the car, give her a kiss. Repeat at all red lights.

How much of a kiss will depend on a combination of her comfort level and how public the location.

Bonus: Complain about every green light you hit!

2 Comments on “Stop lights are for kissing

  1. This is a bit of a challenge with bucket seats and shoulder harness seatbelts … but nice idea.

    Mother in law always sat in the ‘middle’ seat in the front so that she was close to father in law. But that middle seat is always so uncomfortable!

    I like the green light idea ….

  2. I just have to add one more comment here! I gave this a try on Saturday. The first dozen or so lights were all GREEN, so I just comments, “Awh, shucks. The light is green”. It got my wife curious. Then there was a RED light, but by the time we got up to and and nearly stopped, it was GREEN already. Shucks. Finally got a longer RED light and I gave her a long kiss. She giggled. A few more miles down the road we came to the intersection where the train also crosses. As would have it, the train was going through town as we approached the light. Seemed like FIVE MINUTES of kissing, waiting for the train! It was slightly after dark and there were no street lights nearby, so she was OK with it. Oh, we DID put the car in PARK before kissing!

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