Frog legs

Try the missionary position with a minor change – her legs together, yours on the outside of hers. Her legs will be partly parted until you enter, then she puts them together. Some women find that this position more stimulating than regular missionary.

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  1. Almost the same thing regarding Paul’s variation of the Missionary position except it is reversed.

    Husband on his back with legs spread open. Wife on top with legs slightly spread open mounts allowing husband to enter. Wife closes legs together and husband spreads his as far apart and up as possible. Wife begins thrusting movement similar to in and out. If she goes too fast, the wonderful feeling of her vagina closed tightly around his penis may cause him to climax faster than normal So go slow as the feeling is sensational for both husband and wife as it is a totally different pleasurable feeling and thereby very enjoyable.

  2. Do either position while being a little higher up on her body than normal. This causes direct clitoral contact, which gives her greater stimulation.

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