Monasti what?

My bride and I had an interesting evening listening to a group of Christ followers who are in intentional communities. A couple of things I noticed:

Although they represented a half a dozen or more groups who had never before met, they all had a common language – I language that I did not speak and often could not follow. How often do those who don’t follow Jesus feel this way about us – we speak an odd language that makes them feel excluded. That we don’t intend to exclude is irrelevant, the effect is the same regardless of the intent.

It was good to hear different ideas about the Bible and who Jesus is. I was challenged by some of what was said, and will continue to ponder it for some time to come. Lori and I discussed what we had heard on the way home, and the new take on “old ideas” helped us to see things differently. Listening to those who have different ideas can be challenging, but it usually is beneficial. Even if you don’t ultimately add any of the ideas to your theology, the exercise of examining, contrasting, and comparing will bring growth.

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  1. mbd – A group of people who have made an intentional choice to live in a community. That can be in one house, an apartment complex, or two or more houses in walking distance. Beyond that there is regular contact among the members, including joint meals, and usually including sharing of things like cars.

    Apparently there are a lot of folks doing this, in one fashion or another, and a good many of them are seeing it as part of their following of the Lord.

    Are we talking about up and coming cults? No doubt that will happen in a few cases, but from my limited reading and contact it seems to be far more centered on honestly following the Jesus of the Bible. How will it play out long term? I have no idea.

    One note – the folks I met with were very much about “in the world but not of it” – they are reaching out to others around them in love and service – not to “convert” them to their way of life, but to show them the real Jesus and to server others.

  2. Having experienced both the joy and the heartbreak of living in ‘intentional community’ I would say that it is definately not for everyone. However. there is a great model for this kind of community in Chicago Ill called “Jesus People USA” or JPUSA
    Googling those letters alone will get you where you want to go. They even have a Wickipedia entry, if that’s supposed to mean anything important.

    Most of you old Jesus freaks likely already know about them. They started with Ressurection Band, if you remember them, from the late 70’s early 80’s

    I’ve spent a little time with the leadership of this group and let me tell you, they have some stories to tell!

    I will say this about my own experience with ‘intentional community’: If you want to really know something about the difference the Holy Spirit makes in human relationships, this is the way to discover it. If you can stand it.

    As JPUSA’s street ministry team once said: “Many are called but few can stand it.”

    And I say:

    Be good! It’s what you were created to be!

  3. Thanks for the insight. This sounds to me like what we used to call a “commune” or even like what they have in Israel called a “kibbutz.”


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