A gift savings account

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If money is tight, or if you want to get her something expensive, find something to give up or cut down back and bank the money you save to buy her something.

  • One less coffee a day
  • A couple less soda
  • Take a lunch to work
  • Have another idea? Leave a comment.

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6 Comments on “A gift savings account

  1. When depositing your paycheck each week put even as little as $5.00 into the account. It will grow and be usable in a short time. If unexpected dollars come into the household, use those or a part of those to feed the account.

  2. Reconsider your communication and entertainment services. We were able to expenses significantly by trading cable for satellite, and dropping our digital home phone to rely on our cell phones. Look for incentives that have at least a year long life, and in some cases, you can find 2 year price locks.

    Alternatively, consider simply scaling back these services. The more time you don’t spend on the Internet, phone, or watching TV, the more time you have with your spouse!

  3. I put all my change, left over from each day, into a ‘piggy bank’. At the end of the year, I’ve found out, it will always have a little over $100.00 when full.

    I started doing this years ago so that no matter how bad, financially, the previous year was, I would always have some money to spend on our anniversary.

    It’s come in handy more than once.

    Be good!

  4. On TV use –

    When we moved, 2.25 years ago, we did not set up cable here. When it was discussed recently at the dinner table, the man child (now 18) said he did not want it, as it would waste too much of his time!

    This is not to say we don’t use the TV – we do. We get movies in the cheap bin at Wal*Mart, and we do Netflix. If you don’t mind being a year behind, you can do just about any TV series via Netflix.

    The nice thing about DVDs, or something like TeVo, is that you are in control – watch what you want, when you want. If you get to the designated viewing time and one of you feels a need to talk, snuggle, pray or make love, you can do what you want and watch later. Another bonus, US TV is 15 minutes of commercials per hour – watching on video cuts that out.

  5. This was a challenge … still thinking on it. We live so spartan already, it is difficult to find additional areas to cut back. Comment #2 is probably the best. Direct deposit savings plan. You don’t see the money in the first place.


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