It’s okay to cheat if you do it to lose

Play a game – any game – with the winner getting a massage from the loser.  The real trick is to lose without your bride knowing you threw the game.  Or, if you play for massage often, be sure she wins more often then you win.

3 Comments on “It’s okay to cheat if you do it to lose

  1. How can one cheat for any reason and still look at themselves in the mirror? Cheating is dishonest ( I believe the Lord demands honesty ). The ends do not justify the means. If you believe that your bride must win, then give her some advantages with the rules….and who knows, maybe she wants you to win so she can initiate whatever the prize might be. It does not matter to me if she never knows I threw the game…I will know.

  2. Hey there 96hondaex…guess you read my words but did not hear the mssg. The ends do not justify the means. We raise our kids within the idea that cheating is NEVER allowed….ever. It is dishonest…it is a LIE….if my better half ‘threw’ the game for me I would be hurt, disappointed, etc. And the same goes for her. I guess it would be okay to cheat someone out of a couple of bucks if our intent is to give that money to the poor too (?). There are a thousand ways to get where we would like to be without dishonesty. HONOR…honor God, honor our loved ones, honor ourselves….honor = truth….a lie should never be told, and not all truths are to be spoken…

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