Kiss … again, more, keep going …

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I am going to let you in on a secret – women like kissing. Most women like it a lot, and find kissing very personal. Many say it is more personal than having their breasts fondled. For some women, maybe most, ten minutes of kissing will result in more arousal than anything else you could do in any number of minutes.

It seems many of us kiss often before marriage, but then after we are married we all but give it up. Why is that?

When is the last time you kissed your bride for ten minutes? How about ten minutes without touching her below the waist? Think she will not like it? What if you’re wrong? Think it will not light her fire? What do you really have to lose?

Next time you get intimate, see what a good long kissing session does for her. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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10 Comments on “Kiss … again, more, keep going …

  1. I have to agree with this one. Michelle and I have been married for over 5 years (nothing compared to some of you veterans!). When we got married, we wrote our own vows. I recently dug mine out and memorized them. Every day after we pray together in the morning, I recite my vows to her, and then tell her how I am going to fulfill those vows specifically throughout the day. When I kiss my bride afterward, well, that’s for me to know… Try it!


  2. Love the tip, but for me the photo detracts and distracts. Any chance you could skip the photos (or at least leave them out of the email version)?

  3. Jeff – I’m happy to hear from others, but in general images tend to help gain and keep readers. Is it the images in general, or the nature of this image?

  4. I’m coming into this post late but still want to comment because this topic is near and dear to my heart.
    I love kissing my wife. I mean really love kissing her. And she… well lets just say there are kisses I can give her, when she is in the mood, from the neck on up, that will literally drive her over the edge.

    The key is-when she is in the mood. And erik, you hit the nail on the head with this one. What puts her in the mood most easily is when I show love for her not only in my words but with the actions needed to make those words truth-exactly like you say you are doing each morning.

    For example, last Sunday evening, as we were sitting on the front porch, I listened as she ranted about how her supervisor snubbed her on the scheduling, pulling rank on her so she could have the work schedule benefit her at my precious wife’s expense.

    I just sat and listened and gave her my sympathies for the difficulties and let her know that I was behind her in whatever she choose to do about this.

    Afterward, she apologized for her rant and I said, “What for? I ‘m not only your husband and your lover but also your best friend! If you cant vent to me who can you vent to?”

    That response set the mood! And soon enough we were leaning on the railing of the porch and seriously making out with all that wonderful kissing, because we both felt our love, fresh and new.

    And that evening’s loving turned out to be an evening for the memory book.

    I perceive, then, that the ability to kiss passionately, when married, is a sign of good health, just like what you do and say, when you are driving, is a sign of where your heart is in relation to your fellow man.

    So, be good! It’s what you were created to be!


  5. Kisses….oh yes….the best thing about kisses…there are no limits…anywhere and everywhere…..

  6. My wife is the best kisser. When we kiss my heart skips and pounds. I don’t think I can post what happens after that. Lets just say she’s good to go. ;)

    nothing wrong with the picture… except maybe that the dude has his ring on the wrong hand.

  7. No worries about the picture. I figured out that I could switch my subscription to plain text and then I don’t see the pictures in my email version. Thanks.

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