Fiveplay, sixplay, sevenplay ….

We male types are typically ready for sex, both physically and mentally, much faster than most women. This can result in us seeing foreplay as some necessary hurdle we have to jump to get to the “real sex”. Even if you never voice such a thought, your wife may be aware of your eagerness to move past foreplay. This may actually be slowing her down. She may also feel rushed by her own wrong standards of how long it should take her to get aroused.

If you usually start intercourse based on some sign or unspoken signal, try ignoring the signal next time. Just keep doing foreplay. Make her ask you to move to intercourse. Or, if she verbally gives you the go-a-head, just ignore it, or ask if you can do what you are doing a bit longer.

Your bride will probably enjoy the prolonged foreplay, but something even more important will happen. You will show her you are not in a hurry, and are happy to take whatever time she needs. Many women worry they “take too long” to “get ready”. She may hurry to intercourse not because she is ready, but because she is worried you are bored, or upset it is “taking so long”. Removing this fear from her mind will greatly benefit both of you.

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  1. I gave it a try this morning! Worked well! Smiles all around at our house today.

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