It’s the together that counts

© AlexanderFediachov | Dreamstime.comToday my bride and I had our teeth cleaned – same dental office, same time, in adjoining rooms. It’s hardly a romantic thing, and not something either of us was looking forward to, but for both of us it was nicer doing it together than doing it separately.

We’ve also donated blood together, and had insurance physicals done together. Doing things together, even things like this, gives us common experiences and builds a scene of unity. I realise this kind of thing is easier for Lori and me since we both work from home, but most of couples could probably do similar things with a bit of planning.

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4 Comments on “It’s the together that counts

  1. How interesting! Just yesterday I had a doctor appointment for some forms to be filled out and my dear Rose was a wonderful part of that. We had a chance to converse with each other as we waited for the doctor to come along and we both were able to share with him the progress our children are making healthwise. It was a simple thing, but it was significant in strengthening our oneness. It also enriches the lives of our children since they know that Mom and Dad want to be together, doing even seemingly menial things. Leadership by example gives evidence to our words of commitment.

  2. Good word, “Pilgrim1”
    Today, my wife and I have hair appointments at the same place and by the same stylist. Before all you guys laugh at me, I’m a music guy and I give live performances, so I can’t look like “’80’s David Bowie” for a Classical Piano Concert. We go to a nice hair place because I know my wife really enjoys it. We also go grocery shopping together. There is a really nice grocery store a little farther away than the local “cheap” one, but its something we can do together, and we enjoy it – not that I “like” grocery shopping, but time with my wife is priceless.
    Remember Gentlemen:
    A “date” is not where you go or a time on your calendar. It is WHO YOU’RE WITH!

  3. I’ll add a third “Good word!” to that, Paul!

    I would even go so far as to say that those daily, simple things, done together, is what lets her know that you truly love her.
    Grocery shopping (which I do like doing), cooking, washing dishes, making the bed, folding sheets, doing laundry, cleaning the house, watching favorite TV shows and of course, eating as many meals together as possible, all without bickering or bruised ego’s/emotions being the ‘norm’, but, with laughter and good humour, sprinkled generously with compliments, work well to let her know that she is the one you will always prefer to be with.
    And that translates to a richer sex life, naturally. :)

    Be good and be human. It’s a grand thing to be!

  4. Interesting on the grocery shopping. When we first moved here I went “into town” with my bride to do the shopping until she learned her way around. Thing is we both liked it so much it stuck. When I’m just to busy she goes alone, but we really enjoy the time together – and the efficiency of two person shopping.

    I do realise that some couples absolutely should NOT shop together, especially for groceries. Same is true for any of the other things mentioned here – know your bride and yourself and what you can and can’t do together.

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