Love the one you’re with

I had an ah-ha moment today when I connected an e-mail I answered last night and a study I read about a few months ago.

  • The e-mail asked if there was really harm in “looking” at other women.
  • The study said when we have too many choices we tend to take longer to make a choice, and feel less satisfied with our choice.

If I had grown up a couple hundred years ago, I would most likely have lived on a farm or in a small town. I would have attended classes in a one-room schoolhouse. When my thoughts turned to marriage, I would have had one to two dozen young women from whom to choose.

However, I live now. I grew up in a big town, and had a graduating high school class of over 800. I had literally thousands of young ladies from whom to choose. Is this increased choice of woman part of why we marry so much later? Do we spend far longer choosing? More importantly, do we feel less sure, when we do choose? Are we less satisfied with our choice in the long run?

The same things play into our sexuality. Rather than having seen one woman naked, most of us have seen hundreds or thousands. We have not had sex with that many women, but thanks to porn many of us have seen many women having (or  faking having) sex. Surely this leads to us wondering if we chose right, and to great dissatisfaction with the women we are having sex with. Clearly looking at porn reduces satisfaction with your wife and with the sex you share with her. Seems like a bad plan to me!

I long ago set all other choices down. I will not second guess myself, or wonder what it would be like with someone else. My heart, my mind, and my sex organs belong to my wife alone. All my eggs are in her one basket, and I will focus all my love and energy on her. I am what Barry Schwartz (author of The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less) calls a “Satisficer” – one who accepts their choice and is thus happier.

Join me; accept your choice, your bride, as well done. Stop looking at and comparing your bride with others. You will feel better about your marriage, and you just might enjoy sex a bit more.


Summery of The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less
Having a wealth of options can lead to poor decision-making, experts say (LA Times)

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  1. Mega Dittos! I married an absolute babe! In the words of Stormie Omartian, “God made women beautiful.” (The Power of a Praying Husband p.143) Also, Gentlemen, check out Proverbs 5:15-23. EA

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