Better condom sex

Saw today that LifeStyles ® has a new non latex condom called Skyn ®. In addition to being a great thing if you or your bride are allergic to latex (ouch, ouch, ouch) the material is supposed to be very thin and designed to transmit heat well – both of which should make it feel less there than other condoms.

A couple other better sex with condom tips:

  • Put a bit of water or silicone based lube inside the end of the condom – this will give the condom some slip, which feels  better.
  • Buy condoms with oversized heads (dozens of these on the market, with Inspiral ® being very popular).  As with the lube, it makes for slip, which feels good for the guy.
  • Do both of the above to maximise the slippage.

By the way, Book22 has a good selection of condoms if you are looking for something unusual, or really hate to buy them at a store.

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