Quick, cheep date

© Racnus | Dreamstime.comGrab your bride and go for coffee (go to the 7-11 and sit in the car if necessary), or a donut, or ice cream at the local drive in.

If she likes it, make it a habit – set a regular date, or do it on a whim. Also keep it in mind for when she’s down, or the two of you need to reconnect or need to discuss something.

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  1. Guys, if she’s a coffee drinker, she most likely has a favorite brand of coffee, as well as a favorite brew. If you need a suggestion, Caribou Coffee is great for “coffee date.” If $4 drinks are too much, most brand coffee can be bought in bulk. To really get romantic, buy a coffee maker that grinds and brews, and get a pound of her favorite brew. Great stuff. EA

  2. This tip is similiar to the old classic, “bring her lunch.” Yesterday, I made points by simply pulling leftover chinese and bringing it to her at work to share. The food wasn’t the point. Remembering her was.

  3. To follow up on erik’s idea…

    There are several different brands of one-cup-at-a-time coffee/tea machines on the market. We received one for Christmas and love it. It brews quickly and we use it nearly every evening, trying different teas and coffees.
    There is a lot to be said for the converstaions that start with having a hot cup of your fave in your hand.
    So, if you too find a hot cup of your fave to be as inspirational, then consider giving your precious one one of these machines; it will be worth it.

    Be good!

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