Creative solutions

Apply some thinking, and Goggleing, to a problem or irritation you bride has. In other words, find a creative solution for something.

For example – my bride is looking for shoe holder for by our basement entry. So I put “shoe rack” in Goggle, and selected image search. One of the first images to come up was this brilliant little DIY shoe rack that I can build quickly and easily, and with wood and paint to match the style that my bride chooses. This is far better than anything we’d thought of, and it took a few seconds to find it.

Depending on what you are looking to do, an image search may not be the best way to go. Try a few different key words and odds are you can find pretty much anything.

2 Comments on “Creative solutions

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  2. And if you use Google search, make sure you have “Moderate Safe Search” turned on.

    I like the project you found. Could be real useful.

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