Head and toe

Lay on your backs, side by side, with your bride’s feet at your head and your feet at her head. Adjust until your hand easily reaches between her legs, and hers between yours. Enjoy each other. Keep at it until one of you just needs to progress to something else, or take turns climaxing, or see how close you can get to climaxing together.


  • A pillow or two under your head will give you a better view.
  • You may get better access if you have her slightly raise the leg closest to you, and put your arm under that leg rather than over.
  • Also try having her lay on her side facing you, with her top leg raised and bent at the knee.  This will also improve her access and view of you.

4 Comments on “Head and toe

  1. Just wandering what others think…if someone asks is oral sex okay in marriage…what is a normal (could be Biblically justifiable thought) response to such a question?

  2. You should go check out http:\\TheMarriageBed.com Paul and his wife have a forum there to discuss such issues (works much better than comments in a blog).

    Also on that site is an article on What’s OK? What’s not?

    There they lay out their beliefs on the subject.

    Then you can go over to the forums, see what others think and post your thoughts.

  3. I try not to add to what God has said without a VERY good reason. I admit that leaves some things I’d rather be able to say no to (another subject), but I choose the integrity of God’s Word over my preferences. ;-)

    As to oral, I have not had anyone show me anything in scripture that covers it. Yeah, I’ve seen all the things that folks claim, but if you subject those claims to good hermeneutics, logic, or just read things in context, they fall apart. On the other side, a lot of Hebrew scholars are convinced that it’s mentioned in SofS.


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