Prayer swapping

Do you have others praying for your marriage? Not just when you are dealing with some problem, but all the time. Find a couple you feel are spiritually mature and ask if they will pray for your marriage and “let you” pray for theirs. Additionally, make it a point to pray for the marriages of your friends, the people you work with, your neighbours, and the people at church. Take time, as a couple, to ask the Lord to bless marriages.

PLEASE: Put your pastor and church leaders at the top of your list! 

4 Comments on “Prayer swapping

  1. Prayer is one of the spiritual disciplines that i struggle with, not only with putting aside the time inside a busy days schedule, but with exactly what I would say to an all knowing God. Sure, he want to hear it from me regardless of the fact that he knows it already but I continue to struggle with this never the less.

  2. If you would like a parable type insight into what might be the mind of God … try reading “The Shack” by William P. Young … a great read

  3. dewper76 – Thank you!

    So when do I feel old? At 48 I don’t feel any closer to ‘old” than I did at 38. Yeah, the body shows that it’s not 28 any more, but that’s not feeling old!

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