Take a deep breath, set down everything else, and have some time together.

Well, it’s been one of those days. I’m back on dish washing duty as my bride has re-injured her back (not nearly as badly this time). So I was going to wash dishes while I got her breakfast ready – only there was no hot water. After help from a friend, an hour on the Internet, and probing the tankless water heater with a volt meter while holding a cell phone with my shoulder, it was determined that the circuit board is shot. The good news is they will send a free one as it’s under warranty – the bad news is the parts department is on the East coast, and does not ship after 1 pm my time – and it was well past 1 pm by then. So we have hot water Wednesday.

Then my computer locked up during conference call … Okay, enough, you get the idea, we all have days like that. My point, other than whining, is that I’ve not been in the best of moods today, have been running behind all day, and have some of today’s jobs to do tomorrow. Does that negatively impact how I treat my bride? Or better question, should it negatively impact how I treat her? The answer to the second question, in my mind, should be a firm no. My actual actions were not as great as I’d like, but I did a lot  better today than I have done in the past when I’ve had “one of those days”. So I mark the progress with joy, and apologise to my bride for not yet being perfect.

And now, my day done, I go to spend time with my bride – the wonderful woman that God gave me. I choose to set down the frustrations of the day so I will be able to both give and receive. I choose to not let my day ruin my night, or cheat my bride out of the time, love, touch, and so on that she  needs and deserves.

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  1. Paul,

    Wow. You really do get it. This is exactly what I mean when I say,

    “Be good! It’s what you were created to be.”

    Thanks for sharing this glimpse into your goodness. You have my respect.


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