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© Shootalot | Dreamstime.comIf you have a yard, large or small, the warm weather is conspiring to make it a jungle. Most women want their yard to look good. Not great, not the best on the block, just decent. I think “nice yard” is a sub-dialect of the acts of service love language, and failure to be aware of this can leave your bride feeling unloved. Yes, unloved; my bride tells me, years later, she felt this way for several years because of how our yard looked.

I do realise how much time, energy, and money it can take to make a yard look good. If you want to limit expenditure of your resources, go for simple. Don’t get caught up in a surge of enthusiasm and create something that requires more to maintain than you are willing or able to do.

Finally, as a former landscaper, let me plug those who are willing to help you out for pay. From the kid down the block who will mow your lawn for a small amount, to the big companies, there is plenty of help. For all but the complex jobs, a small company is usually your best buy – less overhead. Do be aware of rules and regulations in your location – be sure those you hire have necessary licenses, and charge any tax required by law. 

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2 Comments on “The yard

  1. The first paragraph is such a great analogy for marriage! What you sow is what you reap. Invest faithfully and generously in time, energy, effort, and resources into your yard, you get a great yard. Do the same for marriage, and (in most cases) you get a great marriage.
    For what it’s worth… EA

  2. Those are nice weeds in the picture.

    I’m the gardener at home. I have to draw my wife out into the garden to enjoy it with me.


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