Spare tire in a can

Buy her a couple of cans of “Fix-a-flat” or one of the other canned tire fixes, show her how to use them, and where they are in the trunk/boot. These products won’t fix all flats, but in many situations they will get her home.

Hint: The cans with a plastic tube attached take less strength, but can a LOT messier than the cans with the top that goes directly on the valve stem. If you get the hose kind, toss in a pair of latex gloves for her.

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  1. Now this is a good tip!
    I’d complete the thought by suggesting, also, a custom made and therefore useful emergency kit to include a good, strong flashlight, 2 gallons of water/antifreeze mix, spare radiator hoses (top and botom), a 3/8 socket set with a socket just for the spark plug (they’re not all the same size) a wire repair kit, tie wraps, fuses, relays, (like for the electric fan) good strong electrical tape (3M), tire gage, fix a flat, misc tools like vise grips, screwdrivers and combo wrenches that fit the standard used on her car, a poncho, a can of wipes to clean up after, a battery terminal cleaner and a tool for the holding nuts and of course a good set of jumper cables.

    Make sure, also, that the spare tire is inflated and that all the jack components are there and that they work.

    This cost about $120.00 the last time I made one and was purchased over time or asssembled from ‘spare’ tools.

    This showes her, in a tangible way, that I am concerned for her safety and for that she just loves me all the more!

    Be good!

  2. Had several e-mails on this. Yes, I know the guys who change tires hate this stuff =- but to me it’s far better than my bride being stuck because she is or feels unable to change a tire. I am also all for AAA or some other auto clue (we belong) but I realise that for some that is financially difficult.

    One great idea is an emergency phone for the car, if she does not carry a cell phone. There are plans that cost virtually nothing unless you use them. If your bride is regularly along in the car, especially if she is not always in nice populated places, an emergency phone will make her feel safer even if it’s never used.

  3. One does need to be careful with the tire in a can. Often they can make the tire unrepairable. This then means you need to buy a entire new tire. I think it is good to do something. My basic belief is that if a person is driving a car they should know how to change a tire and other basic things. A good suggestion all the same with good intention.

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