Make some room

Tonight my bride told the ladies to make some closet space for hubbies clothing. This is kind of funny as in our house my clothing takes up about 55% of the space.

As to space, closet and otherwise, what can you do to make more of it? Are you hanging on to things you will never use again? Or maybe you have things in prime space that are rarely used, and would be better kept in some out-of-the-way place, making room for things that are used more often.

2 Comments on “Make some room

  1. Don’t forget that cleaning out that closet can be a charitable act. Most of us North Americans have way too much “stuff”. “Stuff” (as George Carlin pointed out) can be a huge burden, and giving “stuff” away that others can use brings freedom to us and blessing to others.

  2. Amen, brother. Giving stuff away is a tremendous blessing. Know a family that is eating macaroni and cheese for the month because that’s all they can afford? Go shopping a buy them a bushel basket of fresh fruit and vegetables. Deliver them or send them anonymously through a friend or neighbor! Do it with your wife!

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