Like minded couples

A few nights ago my bride and I had dinner with another couple who see marriage as very important. This weekend we are away in part to meet another couple who are of the same thinking.

I mention this, and have mentioned it before, because I think spending time with others who are “pro-marriage” and are focused on having the best marriage possible, is critical. Who we socialise with has an impact on our minds and our actions. Given the number of anti-marriage influences most of us deal with day in and day out, I think it is wise to make a real effort to connect with those who will support and encourage us to have a great marriage.

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  1. AS the saying goes… You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your relatives.

    It is a truth that we can choose who we allow to influence us. And so it follows that the more positive and optimistic and happy and good are the other humans whom we choose as our friends, the more positive and optimistic and happy and good we will become,

    This is an especially important truth to grasp, I’ve found, if your reatives, the humans in your life you cannot ignore, are negative, pessimistic, unhappy and bad.

    For it follows that if these opposites exist and it is desirable to be positive, optimistic, happy and good then there are, indeed, right ways of thinking that will lead to these desirable results. Just like their are wrong ways of thinking that lead a human to being negative, pessimistic, unhappy and bad.

    And this truth also holds true, I’ve found, where opinions are concerned. For are not opinions derived from how we teach ourselves to think?

    Think about it.

    And be good! It’s what you were created to be.

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