A romantic act in public is worth several in private

For most women being romanced where others can witness her being loved means more than being romanced in private. Maybe it’s a bit voyeuristic, maybe not; certainly, the fact that you are not embarrassed to show your love for her in public is a factor.

What can you do?  Try “old time” gentlemanly acts like opening her car door, pulling out her chair, or helping her with her coat or sweater. Giving her a flower is always good. A small wrapped gift on her plate at a restaurant will make an impression. Something as simple as holding her hand also qualifies.

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5 Comments on “A romantic act in public is worth several in private

  1. I was at the grocery store checkout getting flowers for my bride of almost 6 years. (red roses are pretty, but so cliche. Women like other colors too). I try to do this at lease a couple of times a month. The cashier actually asked me “so are you in trouble or do you just want something?” I replied “no. I think that not having a reason is the best reason.” There was an elderly couple behind me and the woman elbowed her husband and said “you’ve had 40 years. Why couldn’t you think of that!”

    It may seem silly, cliche, corny, or whatever, but women like this kind of thing. You don’t need a reason. The ring on her finger is all the reason we need!

  2. Oh, yea!

    When I call her at work and a co-worker answers all I say is, “Can I speak to my beautiful wife?”
    They guffaw and chuckle and call to her saying, “Oh, beautiful wife your hubby’s on the phone….”

    The funny thing is I don’t have to identify myself and they always know who I’m calling for.

    When she answers the phone and asks, “Whatcha doin?” I say, “Talking to the most beautiful woman in the world…”

    I swear I can see her smile over the phone.

    Yea, being romantic, in public, is a lot of fun.

  3. My wife has told me for almost 17 years that when I hold her hand in public or put my arm around while we’re in church is the best feeling in the world for her. Makes me feel pretty good as well!

  4. We were at a Chili’s restaurant last year and as we started to walk out we noticed it was pouring rain. Really hard rain. We were standing in the foyer and there was another couple behind us. I looked at my wife and said, “no wife of mine is walking in rain like this, wait here.” I walked out in the rain, got our toyota highlander and drove up on the sidewalk under the door overhang and she was able to walk out and get in the car without hardly getting wet at all.

    Later she told me that this was one of the most romantic, wonderful, loving things I’d ever done for her. The other couple was a younger couple and she said it was an inspiration to the younger man and other people who had stacked up behind up were “oohing and aahing” about what I’d done for her. I didn’t think of it along those lines, but she did. HTH.

  5. “Old time” gentlemanly acts like opening her car door, pulling out her chair, or helping her with her coat or sweater ought not to be “special” actions. These ought to be routine daily habits. Our actions are the manifestation of our attitudes, and they also help to foster those attitudes in our hearts. Through regular and frequent acts of honoring our brides, we help to build a consistent attitude of honor that will carry over into situations when we might not feel like honoring her – and those are the very situations we most NEED to honor her.

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