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Paul & Lori – January 28, 2005

A question from one of you the other day caused me to realise I have not done a bio since moving to the new blog site.  So here’s a bit about the guy who sends these tips:

Location, location, location : I was born in Wyoming.  My parents moved a number of times my first four years – but I always found them. Ended up in the Republic of Texas, and spent the next 41 years there. (The Israelites only had to do 40 years in the desert, guess I was a tougher case!).  November of 2006 we moved to a town outside of Salem Oregon. We are less than an hour from the coast, and less than eight hours from Victoria BC – how great is that?!

Marriage: I better be!  Married on Sunday January 28th of 1985. Found out later there were bets on how long it would last. If it were not for God, it would not have. The biggest problem was that I was a former porn addict, and she was a former sexual abuse victim. Initially things were great other than sex, but the problems in the bedroom didn’t stay there. After two years of marriage it was getting really ugly. We decided to do whatever it took to get it right. A lot of study, struggle, prayer, and healing later we have the most incredible marriage ever – in and out of the bedroom!

History with God: Both Lori and I were “raised in church”, with parents who were in leadership. As we got older, we did the same, leading youth groups (Paul), women’s ministry (Lori) and a singles group (both). We also served in music ministry, landscape care, and anything else anyone wanted done. But there was a growing dissatisfaction over the lack of community and fellowship we found in the churches we attended. We wanted more contact, and we wanted to study in depth with others. In 1999 we stumbled on “house church” – small groups meeting in homes to love, serve, share, and study together. In a few months we knew people in our home church network better than folks we have attended church with for many years. We have been house church ever since, although we have friends and connections with “traditional churches”.  We don’t see house church as the only way or the right way, but for this time in our lives, it is clearly what the Lord has called us to.

Christian?: Yes, but it’s not a word I use to describe myself. The majority of the people in the USofA identify themselves as “Christian” and yet live as if they have never read the Bible.  My goal is to follow the example of Jesus – see what God is doing, and do that.  I am very serious about Jesus, and about what the Bible says.

Offspring: We have two children – a 31 year old daughter from Lori’s former marriage, and an eighteen year old son. The daughter still lives in Texas, the son lives with us in Oregon. And yes, it’s awesome to have grown children!

Employment: We are self employed, contract labour minsters (ordained, but don’t tell anyone). We receive income from House2House and donations made to support what we do through The Marriage Bed, The Generous Husband, and The Generous Wife. In Texas we owned a small landscape and irrigation company for fifteen years. Other employment includes managing a Christian book store, Cabinet maker/woodworker, lifeguard, security guard, and various jobs with several newspapers ranging from carrier to mid-level management in distribution.

What I do for fun: Hang out with my bride! Anything I do with her is fun. I enjoy Science Fiction, travelling, cruising (three so far, the picture above is from our first) gardening (landscape and food), going to the beach, and finding the best bowl of clam chowder in the world (and it’s not going to be red!)

What I read: Science in general, human biology in particular, and anything about the brain or sexuality in specific. I also like books that look at how humans think and see things.

What I eat: I’m not picky, but I particularly like TexMex (which you can’t get outside of Texas, one place in LA, and New York), Indian food (or any curry) and seafood. I’m big on chocolate – the dark stuff, not the adulterated version. I also do a good deal of cooking and baking (including TexMex as it’s the only way to get it here) and make a mean cheese cake.

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  1. I do appreciate your bio and I must also say that your computer skills have also done you well. You are to be complimented on putting together a website that is so helpful to most Christian marriages … if it is accepted as it should be.

    However, don’t be unkind to Texas … it’s a great state … We tried Florida for a few years and the FOOD was never as good as Texas and the the people were definitely not as friendly as the people of the only former Republic in the US.

    Never lived in the NW, but my brother moved there and could only put up with all the rain for less than one year.

    Glad you like it … that’s what makes the world go around

    Maybe you should open a Tex Mex up there … probably too spicy for their taste.

    God Bless

  2. @ airengineer – Hey, after 41 years don’t I have a right to make fun?! A couple more years and I can make fun of Oregon – and boy do I have material for that!
    The reality is it never felt like home – even though I grew up there. Where I am now feels more like home than Texas ever did. Don’t know why.

  3. Wandering around in a dessert doesn’t sound so bad, as long as it’s not a coconut dessert.

    I guess I’d even get tired of creme brulee after 40 years, tho…

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