Not getting all the tips?

Tips are sent daily – are you getting them all?

A number of e-mail systems, including Yahoo, routinely dump so called list mail. Sometimes this is over aggressive spam efforts, other times it is because a companies mail servers are overloaded, and they dump mail to catch up. List mail is high on the list of  mail they think they can dump safely.

The best solution if you are not getting all the tips, is to move to the feedburner system. Feed burner is big enough and motivated enough to go after companies that regularly dump their mail, so they are far less likely to get dumped.  To sign up for tips via feedburner e-mail, go here.

To kill the tips being sent from this system, log-in on the rigth side of any page on the web site.  The click the “dashboard” link – also on the right side, under the “Control panel” heading. Under the “profile” tab click on “Subscriptions”.  Lower left of the next page, check, then uncheck the “ “.  This should clear all the check boxes.  Click on “Update Preferences” and you are done.

Note – I have sent this information now because the most recent tip was sent to most if not all Yahoo users.

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