What I said, what I meant, and what I thought I said

Isn’t communication a wonderful thing? We speak the same words, but we mean different things by them. We also take language short cuts and expect those listening to us to know what we mean.

Last night I thought I communicated something to my bride – turns out I did not. Suddenly she is doing something on her blog that requires an hour of my time. Of course, she had no idea it would take that long – in fact until I got into it, I thought it would take a few minutes.

So my choice was to tell her “no, put it off” because of my failure to communicate, or to assume responsibility for my failure. Yes, I did it, and without (too much) grumbling.

My other choice is to learn from this or not. I’m pretty sure I’ve had that opportunity before, wonder if I will do better this time?

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