The danger of second hand procrastination

© Pixelbrat | Dreamstime.comThis report talks about the impact that our procrastination has on those around us – sort of like “second hand smoke”.

I’ve certainly been guilty of this. I wait till there is just enough time if everything goes right; then something goes wrong and I’m stressed, or I’m short with my bride, or we’re late for something. I’ve already made progress on this (I have a week’s worth of tips already set up for the first time in the eight years I’ve been doing this ;-) ) but I still have a way to go. Thinking about it, I realise that second hand procrastination is hardly a loving thing to do my bride, family and friends.

Over the next few days, I will offer some other less than loving “second hand” things some of us do.

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  1. Oh, I’m looking forward to this series. My wife AND I tend to do this, as well as our daughters! there seems like there is so much life to live and the immediate seems to take priority over some future planning to avoid the last minute rush! Eagerly awaiting what you have to say.


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