Second hand fear and worry

© Michaeljun... | Dreamstime.comFear and worry can destroy us – and make us no fun to be around. If you’re consumed by fear and/or worry, you are not giving your bride what she deserves. Additionally, you are pulling her down, urging her to be fearful and worried.

This means that fear and worry are not private things, but a part of your marriage dynamic. You owe it to your bride, and to your family, to deal with your fears and to learn how to stop worrying. I know it’s not easy, but it can be done – with ongoing effort you can reduce worry. If you can’t deal with your fear and worry yourself, get some help!

By the way, from my observations women are far more likely to become fearful or worried because their husband is than vice-a-versa. Certainly there are exceptions, but please be aware that her brain is more tuned to the emotions of those around her, and that means she is probably much more easily swayed by your negative thoughts and feelings than you are by her.

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