Second hand doctrinal failure

© Elenaray | Dreamstime.comStudies have shown that what we think and believe influencers those around us far more than we know. This is true even for casual acquaintances, so imagine how significant the affect is between husband and wife.

If your theology is off, or becomes a bit off, there is a chance your bride will follow you into error. While she is certainly going to be held responsible for her choice, don’t you think you will be held responsible for putting a wrong choice before her?

The other side of this is that we tend to be influenced by our bride – regardless of what she does or moves into. The Bible and history are full of men who got pulled off track by something their wife started to believe or follow – sometimes with sad and painful consequences. The reason this happens is easy to understand, we don’t want to be at odds with our bride. We don’t want to be on opposite sides of a theological divide, and that makes us willing to compromise, or to pretend something is not as significant as it really is. Our desire for peace in our home can easily lead us away from truth, and we must be vigilant and determined to avoid this.

Question – are you proactive or reactive about your faith?

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