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A generous reader sent this fun gift idea:© Atman | Dreamstime.com

If you are going to buy a physical gift, consider something she will use or see often (if not daily) and will cause her to think of you each time she uses it. President Nixon, knowing the power of gifts, gave his guests White House electric toothbrushes. Back in the 1970’s electric toothbrushes were high-tech and it was likely his powerful guests used the toothbrush at home. More importantly they very likely thought favorably of President Nixon each morning and evening when they used the unusual gift! So, giving gifts your wife is likely to use, see, wear, each day, AND are a bit out of the ordinary will cause her to think of you with each encounter with the gift — your gift keeps on giving back (to both of you!).

Simple suggestions: daily wear jewelry, an exotic perfume (one you know you both like), a special pen or day planner, a special cooking utensil (be careful with this one), a special book mark, anything to keep her warm, and anything that is a constant reminder of private jokes and secret codes between you (if you don’t have any, start there!).

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Image Credit: © Atman | Dreamstime.com

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One Comment on “Daily use gift

  1. Great tip! Though, I don’t know what my wife would think if she knew I was trying to emulate Nixon… ;)

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