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Since I mentioned the start of this list recently, I thought I’d rerun the very first tip:

Some of us aren’t too good about praying for our wife, some of us are, and some of us are good about praying for her but bad about letting her know we are praying for her.You might wonder why her knowing would matter, since your prayers are between you and God? Telling her you are praying for her won’t make your prayers any better of more affective, but knowing you are praying for her will bless her. What will bless her even more is knowing that your prayers for/about her are guided, at least in part, by what is important to her.

So today ask her what, specifically, she would like you to be praying for her about. Listen to what she says, and then tell her what you heard so you both know you understand. Start with a quick prayer out loud with her right away, then keep taking her concerns before the Lord all week.

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