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One more from a generous reader:

I had an idea for a essentially free date with my wife that I tried out yesterday and wanted to share it with you. First I primed her by telling her that I was going to take her on a “dream date”. Then later I informed her what the dream date would be: we went to a furniture store to look around, dreaming about what types of furniture we’d like to have in the future. The state of our finances don’t allow us to purchase anything at this point, but since we both understood that going to the store, there was no frustration (or coveting), only a wonderful time walking around dreaming and learning about each other’s like and dislikes. Thanks for all the tips, we both try to implement the advice we receive over e-mail from you and your wife daily.

I know others who have done the same with house hunting – look at the new homes, eat the free cookies, and dream about what might be someday.

Just be nice to the folks trying to make a living – don’t waste a lot of their time, especially if there are potentially paying customers on hand. Something like “We are not ready to buy yet, but we are gathering ideas” will fairly let sales people know not to0 invest too much in you.

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  1. My wife and I have from time to time done the dream date, over pie or ice cream when we want out of the house. What would you do with a huge lottery win is often how our conversation starts. Specifically going and looking at things you dream about like cars or houses or furniture is a good suggestion.

  2. Another date idea my wife and I have used: We take another couple out. There’s one couple in particular that we’ve been trading off on this whenever we visit one another’s city. My wife and I love discussing where to go that they would enjoy that they’ve never been to before, plan out a full day of activities, and plan how much we’ll spend on them (at times the day is very expensive, at times the day has cost only the gas to get to the various venues). We’ve found that seeing another couple enjoy our efforts brings us joy and brings us closer together. Then, when we’re on the receiving end, we have just as much fun!

    The first date, we only told the couple to “dress nice.” They wore a suit and a dinner dress, and we wore about the same. The first stop for lunch was a greasy spoon lunch counter. Then we went to a bookstore and gave each person $15. “Buy your spouse a gift. Split up. Surprise them. You have twenty minutes.” After that, we hit a massive arcade that had a hunting game the two had loved playing on their honeymoon. Finally, after all that, we went to a ritzy fondue place for desert (the one place that actually required dressing up).

    The second date was much simpler: just a scavenger hunt in Wal-Mart to make an Easter Basket designed for their spouse. We gave a list of items and a $20 limit each. The baskets were judged on a scale my wife and I created; the basket was judged by the spouse and me and my wife respectively. The winner got a roll of quarters to spend at that Wal-Mart’s arcade, which had that same game that they enjoyed on their honeymoon. They played together of course!

    Planning out these sessions has been a blast for me and my wife, and taking the other couple out has caused many smiles. Even just driving down the street and remarking how “they would really like that” leads to many fun conversations. Perhaps someone else would like the idea?

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