A few words about my bride

personal photoToday, June 10th, is my bride’s birthday. This is for me, one of the best days of the year – the day the most wonderfull, generous woman I know was born. I thank God for her birth, and for her life.

I have recently talked a bit about my bride, and her choice to be a generous person. Words can not begin to share the depth of her love and caring for me, and for so many others. She gives, she blesses, she brings joy and love to so many. And true to the humility that is my bride, she does not see it. She sees only the slightest glimps of what God has done with and through her.

I could go on, at lenght, but I will simply ask all of you to join me in a prayer for my wife:

Lord, bless Lori. Bless her with health and strength. Cause her even more wisdom, greater understanding, and deeper love, that many more might be touched in your name and for your glory. Lord help Lori to see herself more honestly, to see the good clearly, and to see the bad in proper perspective. Lord give her greater joy, deeper appreciation for the things you have given her, and help her to delight in her life more and more every day. Lord bless my bride, and let her continue to become who you called her to be.


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  1. Please pass on, from me, my wishes for many more years of productive joy together. May others continue to see Jesus in you.

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