Love Her, Love Her Kids

If you have children, or if she has children by someone else, those kids are extremely important to her. I don’t want to get in to an argument about a mother’s love verses a father’s love, but brain science shows the vast majority of mothers have a deeper bond with their children than most fathers are able to have.

Because of this, doing things to bless the kids, or things showing you think about the kids, is a great way to bless her, and to make her feel loved. In the same way, negative things you say about the kids will likely make her feel less loving towards you. Even if they are way out of line, and she knows it, be gentle – you are talking about her cubs.

The flip side of this is helping mom not smother the kids. This can be a particular difficulty with sons – they have a drive to do wild and crazy things, while she had a drive to keep them safe at all costs. If you can, broker a middle line, something sane that causes your boys saying “aw dad” while your wife says “are you sure it’s safe?”

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  1. Great tip! I do lots of things with our children, but when I took our first son hunting, it took one hour to get out the door after much talking, even though it had been planned for 1 month.

    With our next two sons I learned. I made sure my bride took the hunter saftey course with them. She still doesn’t like it when we go hunting, but now she knows how we act when we’re out in the field.

    Yes, she still holds on to us at the door but not for an hour!

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