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© Luislouro | Dreamstime.comDo you remember important dates?

Not the “big dates” – birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s – I’m talking about the less obvious things – the date of your first kiss, the day you proposed, the day she told you she was pregnant, the say she completed something major in her life. You can make your bride feel loved by giving her simple gifts or cards for these days – or just by wishing her a “happy first kiss day” on the appropriate day.

But how do we remember all these days? For me it’s my Outlook calender. I can set up a recurring event for the same day each year, with a reminder a few days before hand. There are any number of other applications which do this, as well as some on-line services that will send you an e-mail or text message. (Feel free to offer suggestions by posting a comment.)

You can also benefit from setting up reminders of “bad anniversaries” – events that were painful or traumatic. I’m not suggesting that you “celebrate” these days, but rather that you be aware of them. Women tend to recall these things more easily and for many years after men have forgotten. Just being aware may help you understand her mood, or allow you to be supportive.

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  1. I use gmail to do all of this for me. It has a built-in calendar feature and I can give myself a reminder a week ahead of time and then the day before just in case I’ve been so busy I’ve still managed to forget. I like gmail a lot cause it’s the same no matter where I am.

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