Is your peer pressure positive or negative?

The article Why Group Norms Kill Creativity says the people we spend time with influence our thinking – even such things as being “liberal” or “conservative”. I have seen evidence our opinions about marriage are influenced by those we spend time with. I think things influenced by “peer pressure” include what we think we should to do to be a “good husband”, what makes a woman a “good wife”, signs of a good or bad marriage, and what should be expected sexually.

So, is your peer pressure positive or negative? Are your friends moving you towards being loving, generous, and giving, or are they pushing you towards being selfish, stingy and lazy? What about your wife, how do her friends modify her thoughts about marriage and what she should be like as a wife?

The kind of changes I’m talking about happen gradually, which makes it difficult to see how individuals or groups are influencing us, be it for good or bad. Think about the individuals and groups you spend time with – what are their attitudes about marriage and sexuality? If you can’t limit your time with those influencing you in a wrong way, how can you reduce their impact? Can you find others who will balance the bad influence?

On the other side, what kind of peer pressure are you putting on others? Make a commitment to providing positive influences, including for marriage and sexuality.

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