When She Doesn’t Think She’s Worth It

© Promicro | Dreamstime.comI had one of you ask “What should I do when she doesn’t think she is worth it?”

This is all too common in a world where women are devalued, or valued only for how they look or what they “put out”.  If your wife really feels she’s “worth it”, she’s in the minority.

To see herself as having value your wife will need to see herself differently. You can’t force the change, but you can nudge her in the right direction by what you say and do. Telling her she’s important, beautiful, valuable, and so on is good. Do it over, and over and over. She’s heard the opposite many, many times, and you’ll need to speak the truth many times to outweigh all those lies. More important than your words are your actions; your actions must show her your words are the truth. Show her she’s valuable by asking, and listening to, her advice. Show her you see worth in her by often putting her first. Stand up for her, promote her, brag on her, and show her as much love in public as you do in private.


As to the picture – if it doesn’t make you think “Johnny Lingo” see here, here, or here.

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  1. And this takes time. Sometimes many years. Because the person who who tells her she isn’t worth it the most, is herself.

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