Woman on top – with a twist

Female on top is the best position for most women when it comes to having an orgasm. This version is tweaked to make it even more likely she can get there.

You will lie on your back, and she will straddle you with her knees at about your hips. She lifts her body (a hand on your chest will help) and places your penis inside. After you are in place, take a moment to let her body adjust to you, and maybe make a couple of strokes to make sure everything is lubricated well. Then she lies forward so her chest is over yours, and she slow straightens her legs out, bring them first on top of your legs, and then between your legs as you part them for her. Now she moves not in a thrusting motion, but rather moving along your body – towards your head, then towards your feet.  Your penis should stay fully inside her the whole time.

This position gives her control and contact that allows her to get the stimulation she needs. Because there is very little movement of the penis in the vagina, you should be able to last a very long time, while her legs inside of yours will make her vagina pleasingly tight.

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