But it was a great day

I heard a radio ad today for a jeweller specialising in wedding rings. Part of the copy mentioned “the most important day of her life.” 

Okay, clearly, I’m all about marriage, but frankly the day of our wedding is not the most important day in my life – or in hers.  There are several other days for each of us that are far more important – days we made significant, life changing commitments to the Lord.  I say days because while “salvation” is a point, becoming a servant to the King of Kings is usually a process with more than one point of significant change.

My commitment to the Lord is what makes it possible for me to be a good, loving, and generous husband. Likewise, her commitment to the Lord makes it possible for her to be a good, loving, and generous wife. Days we grew in the Lord are not just more important for each of us, but also more important for our life together. Much more important than the day we wed!

I have on occasion said my bride is the daughter of God, and I don’t want my “father in law” to be displeased with how I treat His little girl. While this is partly a joke, there is deep truth in it. When I disrespect my bride, when I put her off out of selfishness, when I yell at her, ignore her, and so on and so forth, I’m doing all these things to someone God loves dearly. When I’m not loving to her, my image of who she is doesn’t match the image God has of her. Odds are His image is more valid than mine.

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