Menstrual Massage

© Peterjobst | Dreamstime.comWhen she’s on her period, something is probably hurting.  The lower back is common place for pain. Breast discomfort is also common.


Learn where her “period pain” is, and how you can rub or massage her to reduce the pain. You will have to listen carefully to her, and back off at any hint of “too much” as the line between “that helps” and “that makes it worse” can be razor thin. Once you know what to do, don’t wait for her to ask – do it as often as you can.

And just in case it doesn’t go without saying, this is something you do because you love her, with no expectation of anything in return.



One Comment on “Menstrual Massage

  1. Gentlemen, Please beware, this kind of thing is for HER, not for us. Guys don’t get periods, so we don’t know. If she says she needs a lower back rub, we often hear “start there, but don’t stay THERE.” Or, if she asks for a gentle neck rub, and it turns into a boob rub, well, you may not get the best reaction. If she asks for a back rub, it’s probably because her back hurts. Going “elsewhere” may very well get the rolled-eyes reaction. This just might be the one area where it is best not to read between the lines. Surprise her tonight – if she asks for a back rub, rub ONLY her BACK until she says to stop.

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