Get her to hear you right

“Our studies corroborate the idea of a common ancestry – in humans and other species – of lateralized behavior during social interactions, not only for species-specific vocal communication, but also for affective responses.”  (Source)

Well of course, why didn’t someone tell me that years ago?!  :-P

Jargon aside, the study referenced found that in at least some situations, asking for something in a person’s right ear was more successful than asking them in their left ear.  The theory for why this happens is that things heard by the right ear are processed by the left hemisphere of the brain, resulting in better understanding and/or a more positive reaction.

Of course this is not a magic method of getting your bride to say yes to anything and everything.  But you may have a better chance of getting a fair hearing if you are closer to her right ear.  On the other side of it, you may have a better ability to follow what she says if you turn so that your right ear is towards her.

BTW – whispering “I love you” in to either ear is a good plan.

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