Give her something you gave her a long time ago. Something from before you were married would be speciality good.  The gift is not as important as the memories it will bring back, so choose wisely.

Or – give her something to remind her of a place you used to go – a box of straws if you hung out at a malt shop, a menu from the place you used to eat often, a card or soap bar from the hotel were you honeymooned.

By The Way: Such things qualify as romantic! 


2 Comments on “Regifted

  1. I remember when we went out on our frist officeal date, it was the best night I had in my life. I knew after I got home this was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. The next day before I went to pick her up for church I went for a walk & picked wild flowers for her & left them on her front porch for her to find. I knew that ment something to her because that was the buzz around church of what I did. The biggest kick was that her grandmother watched me put them there & I didn’t even know it till later that day.
    So I think that would make the perfict regift for her.

  2. My wife wrote me a card back before we even started “dating.” It basically said that she loved me, but wasn’t ready for a relationship quite yet and just wanted to be able to spend time together, no string attached. That card sealed the deal for me, knowing that she thought of me in the same way I thought of her, and I respected that. Two years later, we were married. To me, that card was the first real symbol of her love for me. Maybe presenting her that card now with my own addition would be a great gift.

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