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It’s been a rough week around here.  Last Friday evening I started the process of both moving and upgrading the message boards on The Marriage Bed.  The goal was to work hard all weekend and have it running sometime Monday. Unfortunately Murphy got involved.  My primary computer decided it was a good time to tell me the hard drive was going to die very shortly, so I lost a full day setting up a new system and getting all the necessary programs and files loaded. Then the server had problems (probably denial of service, the owner put on a new firewall). And several things just ran v .e .r .y .. s. l. o. w. I finally got it done this evening, with help from my bride and several others.

So, we were a bit under the gun for a week. It is interesting to me, looking back, what we did and did not cut back, or out of our lives. Aside from the paying day job, I have not even looked at e-mail for several days. The dishes did not get done twice a day (small sink and drain board, can’t do them all at once), and the laundry got a bit behind. What did not get cut back much was the time my bride and I spent together. The walks were a bit shorter, but we did walk. We had a bit less snuggle time, but only a bit. I related about the same to the variety of kids who spend time here (my son and friends), being short only a couple of times, and one day declaring a young kid free day.(The older ones seem to understand “I need a bit of calm”.)

Most interesting to me, because it was a change from the past, is that I did not completely cut out exercise, nor did we default to fast food (both of these a result of a serious change of thinking about our health and diet). Also, I continued to make a real effort to check these tips for errors (that has always slipped when I was busy, but I made a commitment to do better).

But too much about me! :oops: What about you? Next time you have a few days of being very busy, look at what gets cut back, and what gets cut out. Decide how that compares to what you would like to cut back and out, and see if you do better the next time.

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  1. Excellent observations. I have been in a similar boat with a looming deadline next Tuesday that is squeezing out a lot of ‘normal’ things in my day. Such seasons are indeed good for demonstrating to us and our spouse where our faith & commitments really are and what kind of progress we are making in living out our faith.

    Early in our marriage, my dear wife would have gotten the short end of the stick based on the “I’m working so hard for our family” idea. While it was partly true, it wasn’t the whole story as I had a need to convince myself that I was a real bread-winner, etc. In other words, it was more about than her.

  2. *BIG SMILE* Good job, Paul. From the account you gave, it sounds like the new human growing inside you, sired by Jehovah, is growing well toward maturity. You have every reason to pleased with yourself for this because that means you are the son of your Father. A wondrous thing indeed.
    “Everyone who is begotten of God is not doing sin, for His sperm is remaining in him, and he can not be sinning, for he is begotten of God. In this are apparent the children of God and the children of the Adversary: everyone who is not doing righteousness is not of God, and who is not loving his brother.” (I John 3:9-10 CLV)

  3. Brother, I hear you! I run a small 44-unit rental property in Milwaukee for the most part, by myself. I am a music guy at heart (think “John Tesh meets Michael W. Smith meets Yanni”) and I and everyone around me thinks I should be doing the music thing full-time. Supporting my family (my bride and I and eventually however many kids we have) is very difficult as a musician. With wise counsel from big-shots in Nashville, I am putting out another demo using new piano software – nothing I can’t handle, but new software, well, trip-out the computer, learn the thing, then record the demo, and so on. In the mean time, it’s busy-season for apartment rentals, which means I am painting, cleaning, answering the never-ceasing phone, keeping the remaining tenants happy, and the like. Day-job pays the bills. Music work invests in our future. My wife is incredible – patience of a saint. I think God has a very special place in Heaven reserved for Musicians’ Wives!
    By the way, any wisdom or contacts would be very well received!

    Pray for me, I’ll pray for you!

  4. By the way, Paul, I love your work! You encourage me! Thank you for what you do!

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