So many ways to reach out and touch her

© Prawny | Dreamstime.comThere are so many ways to communicate today.  How many of those do you use to talk with your bride when you’re apart?  How many of them do you use to reach out and let her know you love her and are thinking of her?

If you both have cell phones, and don’t pay extra for text messages, texting can be a great way to send her “love notes”.  Texts are usually more discreet and less intrusive than calling, and you can send a quick message even when you can’t really talk.

Instant messaging is also great – if neither of you will get in trouble with an employer, and if you can keep it from taking up a huge amount of time. You could even set up special IM profiles used just between the two of you.

Don’t forget snail mail – it’s not the best for so many things today, but a physical piece of mail can mean more than electronic forms.

A warning: If you communicate from your computer at work, there’s a good chance a what you send is being recorded somewhere, and possibly viewed by someone. I have a friend who got called in to explain an e-mail sent by his wife because it got held up by the companies filter as pornographic!

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One Comment on “So many ways to reach out and touch her

  1. Couple of other techs ideas (if they haven’t been said before)….

    For Twitter, start a personal account where everyday you post at least one tweet about why you are thankful for you wife, a short prayer for your wife, or a great memory with your wife…if you do this for an extended amount of time, you could print them out, have them nicely bound, and present it as a anniversary or birthday gift…this is especially great for any brothers going through some temporary rough waters in the marriage..

    Also, piggybacking on Paul IM tips, Digsby is a great program for managing multiple IM or social network accounts…can make it easier to maintain separate accounts especially for your bride…

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