Ten days of sex

The new blog format has allowed me to set up future posts ideas as I come across things, or have ideas.  Over the last few months the sex related tips in my drafts have out-paced most other categories.  So I’m going to do a number of sex posts in a row – through Monday the 27th.  If you are one of the roughly 2% of the fellows on this list who don’t want to hear about anything sexual, tune out for the next ten days.

A couple of things to frame what will be sent out in this series:

  • My bride and I had a significant deepening of our intimacy, sexually and otherwise, a short while back. It’s been very good for many, many years, but it’s gotten even better, and so much deeper, recently.  This has re-framed how I see certain things, made me more aware of things I was only slightly aware of, and made me aware of things I had no clue about. As I learn and grow, it comes out here.
  • I do a massive amount of on-line reading of science sites, blogs, and the like – with a focus on both the brain/mind and human sexuality. Many of my posts are based to some degree on this reading, although sometimes what I post is actually a negative reaction to what I have read, and often what I write is a spin off from what I read.
  • Someone recently asked, when I linked to a psychology web site, if I “buy into all the evolution junk” (or something like that).  I absolutely see an intelligent design to nature, to humans, and especially to human sexuality. I therefore think that what we see shows us things about God, and about what He intended for us sexually.  (More on this in the next few days.)
  • I am very much a scientist, but I see science as the orderly investigation of God’s creation.  When science and the Bible seem to clash, one is wrong.  Sometimes what is wrong is man’s imperfect theology that is not based on good Biblical hermeneutics.  For example, things like the earth being flat or the sun revolving around the earth.  The Bible does not say either of these things, but some folks twisted the Bible to try and make it say those things. Other times science is wrong and often what is wrong is some media misstatement on some research (sadly a lot of the folks who write on science could not pass a basic freshman college course on science).
  • I have had the interesting experience of discussing sexuality with thousands of Christian men and women in person, via e-mail, and on message boards.  This means I am drawing from a much larger body of experience than what my bride and I have done.  Lori and I choose to be rather private about what we do and don’t do in our marriage bed, and we can get away with that because we have so much to draw on that is not about us personally.

2 Comments on “Ten days of sex

  1. Paul,

    I’ve been reading your posts/emails for about two years now, and I can say that while sex isn’t the only topic I’m interested in, it is one that has probably been the most beneficial, changing the way I see my wife and I’s sexual relationship. I look forward to the next 10 days!

  2. Paul, there is no other place I know of to receive and dsicuss information on Human Sexuality that God has designed for a Christian marriage between one man and one woman. I do not see anywhere in the Bible that what you are doing is wrong or sin. What your wife nad you are doing is a much needed ministry in the Body of Christ. If there are some who can’t handle this, then they need not bother with being involved instead of complaining. There is a serious problem with legalism in the church. It is legalism which can bring us back into bondage including in our marriages. Keep up the great work you are doing in Christ and the Liberty and Freedom we have in Him.

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