Silly gifts that she keeps forever

Paul ByerlyI am sitting at my bride’s computer tonight as mine is in the midst of an update that has taken it over.  In front of me are three stone hearts – one from so long ago I don’t remember when I got it for her, one I found while digging out the basement where we currently live (it’s less perfect than the other two, raw and unpolished, but clearly heart shaped without any chipping or cutting to make it look so) and one I got for her at the place where we took our helicopter ride (something she had wanted to do for a very long time).  Next to these are agates we collected on the beach during our anniversary two and a half years ago.

These items are sitting here because they mean something to her – because they bring back memories and make her feel loved and blessed. The cost of these items was very small, but the “return on my investment” in her heart has been very large.

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