God and sex?

I saw an interesting  question today – is sex different for Christians?

My first reaction was “It should be, but it’s not”.  My second reaction was “For many it’s even worse than for non-Christians” – but that’s another post.

As to why I think it should be better, I think sex should have a spiritual component. Actually, I think all sex does have a spiritual component.  I see hints of this when Paul says a Christian man having sex with a prostitute is joining Christ to a prostitute.  I also see it in reference to the mysteries of sex and marriage found in both the old and new testaments.  

Unfortunately, the Church has neglected the spiritual aspects of sexuality, and it seems the idea of sex being spiritual is now associated with Eastern religions or “New Age” thinking.  Why have we abandoned this truth to the world?

Why not discuss this with your wife?  Ask her if she thinks there’s a spiritual component to sex, or if she thinks there should be.  What would that mean?  What if sex is a holy act?  What if sex could be a form of worship?

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  1. I agree. Sex should be different for believers. We have the rulebook from the Creator and Designer of both our bodies and our God-given desires. Here is a thought, and I believe a valid concept that I came across recently, as I have been studying His Word for several years regarding the theology of intimacy, i.e., what is married Christian intimacy, and what ought it to be? The premise is this: One is no more faithful to their spouse by simply not engaging in intimacy with another partner, than one is faithful to the One, true God by simply not worshiping other gods. One is not faithful to either their spouse or to God by simply avoiding that which is forbidden, but by actively engaging in that which is commanded for us to do, for our blessing and benefit, and foremost for His glory. Boiled down, if a husband/wife is able to but is not consistently meeting their spouses sexual needs and desires, even if that means being ‘generous’, then they are not being the faithful spouse that God desires and yea, commands. In this context faithfulness requires more than simply a lack of adultery, but demands an active obedience and submission to God’s word and ones partner’s desires on a perpetual basis. Think about it a bit. This is a concept and in reality, a clear biblical truth that biblical Christians must get a grasp on! God requires it, their spouses deserve it, and untold damage and chaos has ensued because the world and satan have corrupted that which He has blessed and called good.

  2. I feel that the church has lost an important part of its message by holding the subject of sex at arm’s length. If we ingrained in people what God intended in both the physical and spiritual aspects of this gift of grace, people who might not normally want to have anything to do with God would be attracted to a creator who used this activity as a means of drawing us to himself.

    I don’t want to presume too much, but experience has taught me that there is much more happening in those intimate moments than the simple exchange of genetic information. But trying to explain what is happening is like trying to write the description in the wet sand at the edge of the ocean. When the thought is halfway complete, it is obliterated by a wave. This may be because some mysteries are meant to be appreciated rather than solved.

    Paul opened up the possibility of viewing sex as a spiritual pursuit by stating that we are to do everything to the glory of God. So somehow, sex between a husband and wife has the potential for glorifying God.

    I will confess to feeling things beyond physical sensations from time to time when love is made in our bed. Perhaps it is me catching a sense of that one flesh aspect of the marriage which sin obfuscates to some degree. There is something happening just beyond the range of our senses, which, if we could apprehend it, would turn this part of our lives into a signpost leading us straight to God.

  3. I took a Facebook quiz on “What book of the Bible are you” Turns out that I’m the Song of Solomon. The description of that answer expounded on how romantic I must be, but also talked about how that should help me understand the love between God and man, between Jesus and his Bride, the church.

    I decided to keep that in mind.

    My wife has several physical conditions and sometimes there are long stretches that she doesn’t want to be touched at all. Even gentle non-sexual caresses bring her no relief or pleasure.

    Physical touch is one of my love languages, so that leave me feeling empty. And she can’t get stuff done around the house. My other main love language is Acts of Service, so that makes my love tank feel even emptier.

    I realize that I probably sound like a jerk again. But I in no way blame her for this. But it doesn’t change the emptiness inside. There are nights when I lay next to her in bed, screaming inside my head, “I MISS YOU! I MISS YOU!” and I wonder why God would make me so dependent on her and make her so fragile.

    Then I thought about what I can learn about my relationship with God. And I realized that since God feels about me the way I feel about my wife, then there are probably times when He screams “I MISS YOU” inside His head. But the big difference is that when I don’t spend time with God, it’s my choice, not a physical ailment that keeps me from Him.

    But He still wants to spend time with me, even though I’ve done a thorough job of ignoring Him. Wow.

    So I have redoubled my efforts to spend time daily with Him and consider how He must feel when I take that time.

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