“They” see you as a couple, like it or not

The latest addition to my blog reading is Seth Godin.  Seth is all about business, but I often find in his words ideas that apply very well to marriage.  And why not, a company is very much like a family in many ways.  An example is Seth’s recent “All I do is work here” post, in which he wrote “Consumers don’t believe (or care) that there are warrens and fiefdoms and monarchies within your company. All they know is that you leverage that brand name every day, as you have for decades, but now, instead of using that brand to polish your reputation as an individual, you’re being forced to accept responsibility for the actions of others.”

Many folks see you and your bride as a “brand” – as a unit.  What you do reflects on her, just as what she does reflects on you. If you’re fast to get close to her when people are pleased with her but want to avoid any connection when folks are not happy with her, how does that look to others?  How does it look to your bride?!

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  1. I read Seth too. I started when I was into web design, but now I’m a pastor, and I still see so much as applicable. Your post is right on. And not only do many folks see us as a unit, we are a unit. “They are no longer two, but one.” What my why wife does ought to reflect on me, and vice-versa.

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