As I added a new category (YOU4HER) this afternoon, I realised I’ve not posted anything on the categories or the the concepts I see for each one.  So:

  • ~ list info This is information about the list, problems, changes, and so on.
  • 1 + 1 = 1 The mystery of the two becoming one.
  • Acts of Service The Acts of Service Love Language. Show your love by what you do for her.
  • Beyond the Marriage Things not directly related to your marriage that nonetheless impact your relationship with your bride.  Amoung other things, this will include tips about extended family, work, and friends.
  • Communication Good, clear communication is vital.
  • Encouragement The Encouragement Love Language. How to uplift and bless her.
  • Gifts The gifts Love Language.
  • Good Marriage More of less an “other” category for a variety of tips to make your marriage better.
  • Physical Touch The Touch Love Language.  These tips will generally be non-sexual, although some will edge on sex, and others can be sexual if desired.
  • Quality Time The Quality Time Love Language. How to spend time with her in a way that she can feel and receive.
  • Romance Ideas on being romantic.
  • Series This tip is a part of a series of tips on one subject.
  • Sexuality No explanation needed!  Note – most Saturday tips are about sexuality.
  • Shared walk Tips about sharing your faith with your bride.
  • YOU4HER Things you can do to improve you that will bless her. Since we are one, nothing we do is without impact on her, and things we do that improve us should be good for her.

You can search for tips by category on the web site using the drop down box under “Categories”.

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