Do your friends challenge you to grow?

Do your friends challenge you? Do many of them do something better than you do? Could you learn something from most of your friends if you made the effort – and do you make the effort?

Certainly we should not limit ourselves to friends we can learn from, but if your friends are all very similar to you in ability, skill and knowledge, you have cut off a great source of learning and growth.

And a special case of this – do your friends challenge you to be a better husband? I’m all for coming along side young and/or troubled couples and helping them, but I think we also all need friends with strong marraiges who encourage us to do better, no matter how well we are doing.

A practical example of all of this:  When I was in the chess club in high school, I found that I did not become a better player by playing folks I could easily beat. On the other hand, playing the senior who was rated by the chess federation made me a much better player – even though I never managed to beat him.

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