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© Monkeybusinessimages | Dreamstime.comThe worst part about being away from my bride was not having her there when I woke up in the morning. I think both of us miss that more than anything (including sex, and we both like sex!).

Because we work from home, and because we have a good deal of flexibility when we do things (as long as they get done) we rarely have to set an alarm and jump (or fall, or crawl) out of bed as soon as it goes off. We have enjoyed this luxury, and our morning snuggle time has become very important to both of us. On the rare occasions we need to set an alarm, we generally add fifteen minutes for laying together – even when that means fifteen minutes less sleep. In the big picture, that morning connecting time is far more important to our mental, emotional and physical health than the sleep could ever be.

Might a few minutes of morning snuggle time be a good thing for you and your bride?  Give it a try on weekends or during a vacation, and see how you each like it. If it’s a good thing for both of you, think about going to bed a bit earlier so you can wake up a bit earlier and have morning connecting time.

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  1. This is our favorite! I am the morning person. My wife is the nighttime person. Even though I need to leave for work in the AM, she really likes the morning snuggle, and sometimes sex. Well, I like the morning sex, too. It helps focus my thinking of the day on her!

  2. Morning snuggles rarely happen for Amy and I. We have three children under five years old who almost always end up in bed with us by morning. The only chance we get is if we both wake up early and go in another room. Or if we get up and put a movie on fr the girls and then get back in bed.

  3. I would love this. But my wife wakes up way later than I. Weekdays, I have to get up at 5 am to get to work. Saturday (Sabbath) may times I have to be at church early and Sunday, my wife works at a Sunday church.

    So we do try to take advantage of lazy days when we have them. My body is set to get up early, so sometimes I will get up and check email/facebook/etc. Browse the paper and the TV a bit and then go back to bed to “wake her up” at an hour that she would be more receptive.

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