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Have you ever written a sexual fantasy for your bride? Something about the two of you, doing something legal, non-sinful, and that she wouldn’t be opposed to doing.

I know this can seem a bit risky – what if she doesn’t like what you find exciting? What if your choice of words, or what you reveal about yourself isn’t to her liking? But there is also a great opportunity here; you can show her your sexual self in a way you have never been able to. To do this write a sexual story in which you share what you are thinking by adding your thoughts in italics.  For example:

Jane removed her bra.

“Much better,” said Dan. “Any time I get to see your wonderful breasts it’s much better.” He crossed the room …

Believe it or not, this can be a powerful tool in helping your bride understand what you really think about her body, and about having sex with her. Sharing fantasies in this way is also a good way to try out something you think might be fun, but are unsure of. Or think she will be unsure of. Give it a test drive by written fantasy, and then the two of you can discuss how if felt and if you might want to give it a try for real.

Another idea is for one of you to come up with a short fantasy idea, and then each of you writes a fantasy along those lines. You will each learn about the other in this way.

Assume sharing these fantasies will leave the reader in need of sex, and share accordingly. Think of them as a type of foreplay.

A couple of suggestions for avoiding making her uncomfortable with what you write:

  • Start with some non-sexual information. Lay out the scene, and the motivations. The more detail you give on the setting the better – smells, colours, sounds, textures, and so on.
  • Be careful with your choice of words.
    • Don’t use slang that will offend her.
    • Avoid overly scientific terms that make it feel like a biology class.
    • Skip silly euphemisms more likely to cause a laugh than arousal.
  • Don’t use a fantasy as a way of getting her to do something she has been unwilling to do.
  • Make small deviations from your norm.  As you see what she likes, move a bit further.
  • Changing up the time or location can be fun – such as
    • You’re a pirate so taken by her beauty you have married her and are trying to become a respectable man.
    • You’re together on a long space flight, the only two not in stasis for the next month.
    • She’s a princess who has spared you, a slave, from death – and now has fallen in love with you and is going to give up her position so she can marry you.

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  1. If you aren’t a particularly good writer it might be worth a trip to hoochymail.com. They have a range of stories, changed on a regular basis, and you can select the ‘level’ of your story from mild to wild. When the story is emialed to you, you will need to change words as they don’t put any descriptive words in their stories. The site requires 2 email addresses, one for you and one for your intended receiver. My suggestion is you set up a second address for yourself and edit the article carefully before you let her see it. Thanks to the girls at christian nymphos for the hint in the first place.

  2. Had a breakthrough with my wife last night. She was pleasuring me with her hand and I asked her to “Say some naughty things to me…” I’ve been using this terminology the past few years because I thought it more tame than “Talk dirty to me.” I always wondered why she didn’t seem enthusiastic about the whole thing. I asked her lovingly why she always has such a hard time with such a simple request. I learned it’s because she simply thinks “naughty” is every bit as bad as “dirty.” She’s not a prude, but it was a real eye-opener for me. All this time I had been thinking, “Wow, she really has a hard time with this fantasy talk; this is so very disappointing for me as a husband.” And it appears that the problem all this time has been the TERMINOLOGY I was asking her with. We settled on using the word “intimate” going forward as she feels that is much more representative of our relationship. Hey, if it works for her, it works for me.

    I hope this helps someone else; clearly, the words we use with our wives (however innocent/playful we may think they are) are every bit as important as the loving sentiments behind them.

  3. A while back I started writing narratives for my DW. (It is important to state that these are involve only the two of us.) Some were quick little encounters, others were serialized that I sent to her over the course of several days while she was away. The most recent being a little novelette set in a medieval theme. All of them Erotic.

    It has allowed me, among other things, to explore areas of fantasy and sexuality that we had not tried together.

    For example I have always enjoyed watching my DW whether it be simply undressing, lap dancing or performing a particular act. Yet I seemed unable to communicate that desire to her in such a way that she would then put on a display for me.

    That was why my first “writing” was a story about me watching her from afar without her knowing I was there. It served as a great starting point for the conversation about what we both find enjoyable.

    At first I worried she might view my writings as pornographic because they were so much like the garbage I used to read before I received His Grace.

    But as time has passed I have pleasantly discovered that these stories are merely the conversations that DW and I should have been having all along.

    Give it a try some time. Keep in mind though, that you might want to take it slow and gentle at first, just like you were courting. Don’t hit her with an explicit rip your clothes off story right away.

    Start simple with a little romantic story. Talk in detail about the roses, the dress, the dinner, the gentle yet fulfilling good night kiss. Evoke the emotions of love, caring and desire.

    Leave it in a envelope tied with a ribbon for her to find. When you know she has read it simply ask, “Would you like me to write more stories for you?”

    There is a lot of prose in all of us. It wasn’t that long ago when handwritten letters were all we had for communication. Some of the best love letters were written by people just like us who felt they had no talent for writing.

    Give it a try! It could change your lives, sexually and otherwise!

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