We all live in a yellow Penske truck

This last week my bride, my eighteen year old son, and I have been putting everything we own into boxes once again.  Yup, we are moving.  Moving to outside of you-have-never-heard-of-it Washington, north of Spokane, and south of Canada.

Some of you will be thinking “wait, what about the last move you made, to be in community?” Fair question. It’s been a mixed bag, but certainly a learning opportunity. There are a number of reasons that we can’t continue, with one of the most pressing being that the folks we live next to need the space we use for their family (eight kids take up more and more space as they grow). That said, we are still fans of living in community, and this move is sort of rung up that ladder. The move is also a great opportunity for our marriage ministry.

Here is the more or less short version of who, where and why:

We have friends we knew before we moved to Oregon, and who we have gotten to know much better since we got here. We have similar desires and motivations, and similar views on what the Lord is doing with our lives. Recently their ministry was given a number of acres in the foothills north of Spokane. This property has been intended to be a ministry/retreat centre for well over three decades, with two different ministries having put a good deal of time and money into making that happen. A lot of infrastructure has been put in, but there is still work to be done.

3springsWe will be joining Neil and Dana to create what has been envisioned, and then both maintain and make use of the facility. We see this as great resource for The Marriage Bed, as we can do both small conferences and intensive work with couples in crisis. As it is now, there are two homes each needing a bit of work but nothing major.  There are two other buildings that will be fixed up as meeting and sleeping rooms.

Our wildlife includes deer and elk, quail and wild turkey. There is probably a moose that wanders the area (heard but not seen), and possibly a small wild cat.  The boy child is eager to learn to hunt and fish (lots of lakes in the area) and we have a large area designated for a serious garden.

Being a steward of this land is an awesome blessing, and we are so very thankful to the Lord. We would appreciate your prayers for a quick and easy move at a very busy time of year for the day job. We also want wisdom knowing what to do and how to do it, that this land might be used to bless many, many individuals and marriages.

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  1. God Bless you in your endeavors. I know this will be a challenging experience for you but, as you know, with God, all is possible.

    By the way….you are probably moving to outside of “I”-have-never-heard-of-it Washington,as we live about 2.5 hours west in Wenatchee. Of course, the Spokane area members will know right where you’re at.

    Again, God Bless


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